This year the 50th DACHNUG took place from June 13th to June 15th at the Rhein-Sieg-Forum in Siegburg, Germany. At this conference, users and providers of software related to HCL (the developer of HCL Connections and therefore also UniConnect) meet once a year. CEIR was present as part of the UCT project with a booth right next to the HCL booth. The booth was a big success and allowed us to have a series of very interesting conversations and ad hoc demonstrations of technology for interested participants.

The first day of the conference kicked off with a variety of workshops for attendees that lasted several hours. CEIR participated in workshops on “Domino on Kubernetes”, “Never again without ESN: Everyone Needs HCL Connections”, “HCL Volt MX Jumpstart for Developers” and “Using Domino REST API”. After the interesting and highly interactive workshops, the conference participants spent the evening enjoying food and drinks in the courtyard of the Forum.

On the second day, the presentations started, covering a wide variety of topics related to HCL software. CEIR prepared two presentations for this day:

In the first presentation, Leonardo Malzacher and Simon Meier presented how the visual collaboration tool Miro can be integrated with HCL Connections. The presentation took place in the development track, so the focus was on the technical implementation. In addition, the audience was able to experience a live demonstration of the integrated tool.

The second presentation on this day was presented by Julian Mosen together with Jochen Priess, a track chair of the Development track. The two presented the DNUG-Lab, a Domino server cluster available to all DNUG members. Developers can work with this without the need to setup their own server. It was presented how to get access to the server and what to consider here.

The second conference evening was concluded with an evening buffet on the top of the nearby Drachenfels. The participants enjoyed the ascent and descent on the historic rack railroad. The evening offered numerous opportunities for further exchanges with the participants.

On the third and last conference day, CEIR was again represented with two presentations. Sebastian Bahles and Petra Schubert delved into the world of Enterprise Collaboration Analytics. They presented how to offer insights into the digital support of work processes. For example, which tools are used for which tasks? Who is collaborating with whom? What kind of content is being created? How connected are the people in the company? These questions were answered in the presentation with the help of dashboards.

Martin Just presented in the second talk how HCL Domino can be used to record and analyse event logs in HCL Connections. A tool was presented that can be used to classify (“code”) a wide variety of events so that they can be categorized and processed at a higher level. This allows for targeted interpretation and evaluation of user activities.

The last day of the conference ended with an “Ask HCL” session, where attendees could ask any questions they had about the various HCL products. We took a lot of interesting information and new contacts away from the conference and are already looking forward to the next meeting at #DACHNUG51!

Sebastian Bahles, Simon Meier, Leonardo Malzacher, Martin Just, Petra Schubert and Julian Mosen at #DACHNUG50